Admin: An Activity Booking

A customer will place a booking request, however no order, or request for payment is generated until the booking is confirmed. This is where the Bookings Administrator starts their part of the process:

Step #Details
1Log into the Dashboard
2Down the left hand side you will see a number of options, click Bookings:

3If you are logging in for the first time you will need to set the columns you wish to see, as you will initially only see the following:

4Click Screen Options which can be found top right, underneath your username
5Select the columns you need to have visible to manage your bookings, I recommend the following:

However you can configure and adjust as you need to as the settings can easily be changed depending on your immediate requirements.

6You will see a list of bookings in various stages of processing, in this case to preserve privacy you are only seeing my demonstration booking for a climbing session:

7Click on the Booking Reference number:

8Review the booking, and check for reasons to deny the booking, such as:

  • inappropriate numbers of people for the timeslot booked
  • Whether they have multi-ticked Quarries Instructor and Self Supplied Instructor


9If the booking is to be rejected, then select Cancelled from the Booking Status, and click Save Booking.

You must then add a Note To Customer in the Booking Notes explaining why the booking was cancelled, to allow them to understand, and re-book if they wish to. A Sample note is below:

10If the booking is accepted, and an instructor is confirmed, add the instructor from the Booking Services box on the right hand side:

All the instructions are suffixed in brackets:

  • AR – Archery
  • CL – Climbing
  • SH – Shooting

Where an instructor has multiple permits, they will have more than one suffix i.e (AR-CL) or (CL-SH).

Once you have added an instructor, or multiple instructors if necessary, by ticking their box, click Save Booking

11Change the status of the Booking to Confirmed, and click Save Booking. The booking is now confirmed, an order is created, and opens up for payment.

2 thoughts on “Admin: An Activity Booking”

  1. I requested an archery booking weeks ago for First Stony Stratford Cubs on 20 June but it is still pending.
    How can I get this booking either moving or rejected as no staff available to show the cubs how to shoot a bow?
    There is no contact details anywhere.
    It is not a user friendly site if you don’t know what you are doing cos its a first visit!
    Katie Kitchen (

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