Booking Process – Whole Site Bookings

Please note this process does NOT apply for individual site bookings, which have slightly different process and Terms.

  • A Whole Site Booking is for accommodation only, and includes all camp sites, The Lodge and the Oswald Hamilton Building.
  • It is not an Exclusive Use booking, other customers may access the site to use activities such as the Archery Range, Shooting Range, and Climbing Wall.
  • Geocaching, Orienteering, Pioneering will not be available to off-site customers during a Whole Site Booking
  • It does not include activities, which are booked separately.
  • If you would like an Exclusive Use booking, please Request a Quote.
Step #Description
1Customer selects their preferred dates, and adds 150 people of the appropriate category of person
2Please tick the Whole Site Booking option, as this helps us quickly identify and respond to Whole Site Bookings.
3Customer selects if they require any non-site based options i.e Nights Away Assessor, Wifi access
4Customer clicks “Request Booking”, which sends the booking off to the Bookings Administrator for consideration.

For Buildings:

Please check the buildings are available prior to booking a Whole Site Booking, as your booking may be rejected if there is already customer bookings for that period.

For Camping:

If you are unable to complete a booking with 150 people , then we already have people camping with us that weekend, so we are unable to fulfill your request for a Whole Site Booking, please try different dates.

5The Bookings Administrator will then consider the booking, and ensure the buildings are available for your booking, the Bookings Administrator will then add the Buildings to your booking, and set the price to 0, as the camping is where the Whole Site Booking is charged from. Pplease check your Booking on your My Account page frequently to ensure you are kept aware of any changes to your site allocation.
6The Bookings Administrator will then confirm your Accommodation Booking, which then open up for deposit payment.
7The Customer pays the deposit and continues planning their event. Whole Site Booking Deposits are non-refundable.
8You pay your outstanding Balance 30 days prior to your event.
9Upon arrival our Meet & Greet Team, will assist with any queries you might have

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